What we do

In a nutshell we provide a platform to assist in the development of comprehensive and sustainable community solutions for a future where young girl children can thrive. Equipped with an intimate understanding of local intricacies, world-class talent and proactive leadership, we strategise, construct, govern and provide sustainable and impactful results to exceptionally intricate challenges within the “coloured” communities.

Criteria for acceptance

Girl children residing in “coloured” communities, destitute and disadvantaged

Learners entering Grade 8 - 12
1st & 2nd year Learners entering higher education institutions

Acceptance includes a bias towards language and STEM, an overall academic average of 65% or a 6 on the academic levels

Prejudiced towards learners who are interested in scarce skills

What the programme entails

The programme has three development phases to ensure that the participants complete their chosen educational path.

Grade 8 & 9

Each new entrant will have to undergo a Psychometric Test to determine their specific psychological, academic and skills levels. In this way we will be able to assist participants with decision making for career choices and in addition use the outcome of these tests to provide support for their individual development

Grade 10 & 11

This phase focuses on providing a mentor for each girl child to play the role of teacher, sponsor, host, patron, guide, exemplar, counselor, and supporter. In addition mentors will be approached because of their expertise and passion for development. Each mentee will be paired with a mentor with similar career interests to ensure that the mentee will have easy access to opportunities. Relationships will be built with higher educational institutions and career guidance counselors to assist students with the early application process as well as support for learning challenges at these institutions and how to overcome them.

Matric & Higher Educational Institutions

The final phase of the Foundation is to ensure that students are ready for higher education by closing the gap between high school and higher educational institutions. Our psychosocial approach looks at our students in the context of the combined influence that psychological factors and the surrounding social environment have on their physical and mental wellness and their ability to function.The support includes mental health counseling, education, spiritual support, group support, of students, their families and communities. In addition access to higher education bursaries will be provided to each student.

Success since the launch in 2020

Accepted 42 female learners into the programme

Elected a new member board

Pro-bono support for organisational & personal development

Secured sponsorship from both local and international organisations

Special thanks to the following organisations


Food Lovers Market

African Bank

Avuma Consultancy

Spiral Edge


GE & Associates

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